Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fish and Chips

Rick Stein Fish And Chips

This may not come under the strictest of terms for a cheap dinner idea as it was a little expensive but fish and chips is no longer cheap Rick’s Chipsanywhere. Anyway we’re away
in Cornwall in October / November and its no surprise to us that the weather is a little cold, wet, windy and dismall, after all it is the UK and even our summers are that way. So to break the day up and try the weather somewhere else along the coastline its off to Padstow and off course as a treat we tell the kids were having Rick Stein fish and chip.I know the kids(twins 3 eldest with us 7) haven’t got a clue who Rick Stein is. One of the kids kept shouting from the back ” Yeah Ricks chips” . The treat was of course for us grown up types having fish and chips at the seaside.
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