Saturday, 2 November 2013

Cheap Dinner Ideas

Cheap Dinner Ideas

Welcome to Cheap Dinner Ideas. The reason I decided to start the Cheap Dinner Ideas site is because I have always had a passion for food  and when I was younger I had to cook  dinner myself as usually usually ,y mums consisted of something soggy and overcooked out of a pressure cooker. There were so many foods later in life that I liked once they were cooked properly.  The best recipes from the family book will be transferred into the digital realm
cheap meal ideas

Cheap Dinner Ideas The Name

Cheap: because we’re all looking to save money in today’s world and I don’t think it matters what the economy is doing we all love a bargain and a good deal. We (the wife and I) also go out to car boot sales and Antique/ Brick a Brack shops as well to pick up cheap items for the kitchen. Only the other day we picked up 6 espresso cups and saucers for £2.50, absolute bargain. We might not get much chance to sit back and relax on a Sunday morning with a nice cup of coffee and read the papers, we have 3 kids, Lily aged 7 and TWINS yes 2 of them aged 3, Olivia and Jake, so life is hectic and we like cheap (the kids soak up the spare money)

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