Saturday, 2 November 2013

Dry Your Own Chillies

Chilli Tips
Well I was luck enough to be given a bunch of home grown chillies from a good friend. They looked fabulous and I used half of one later that day. Now I had another 4 left and usually I stick them in the fridge until I need one as they keep a little longer there, but more often than not they get left there to long and go all soft mushy and rotten.
Chilli Tips
The solution is grab yourself a clear kilner jar Glass Preserve Food Storage Kilner Jar – with Clip – Size – 200ml 7.04fl oz I then placed in the bottom a piece of kitchen roll and placed the chillies in there and kept it on the kitchen side near the cooker. The chillies have slowly dried out and are now preserved (1 of the chilli along the way went a little rotten so this was disposed of) Now I have a jar of home dried chilli on standby for any recipe I may need it for. Result
Be aware though that one or two may go bad so keep checking them and turning them, if it looks like they are going bad then throw it away don't contaminate the rest of the chillies 

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